New Drawing ♡°◌̊

lastnight before my electricity go of, i was really bored (-_-)

so i decide to draw something ” an not good at drawing tho hehe (/∇\*)”

this is how it done (◦′ᆺ‵◦) ♬°



Update The Book Collection Page

add more useful books

Full Book list now

  1. Qur’an with treanslet
  2. Riyadh us Saleheen Arabic – English + Vedio and Audio Lecture
  3. Sahih Bukhari – Hadith
  4. Muntakhab Ahadith
  5. Taleemul Haq -Teachings of Islam
  6. نهاية العالم لفضيلة الشيخ د.محمد بن عبدالرحمن العريفي
  7. إنها ملكة لفضيلة الشيخ د.محمد بن عبدالرحمن العريفي

the page still in update phase so i still going to add ^^ more to it

all what i add are right books i check the source before i add them

if there any trouble let me know.

thanx to “islamic bulletin”

‘Steam Memory’ …

it’s like steam, the memories we made, disappeare with the first blowing wind.

the days that pass us by, like a melody, a farwell it send.

like the night that break the sun light, everything we know just melt.

nothing we can get back, what gone can’t be rebuild.

only the feels inside still keep this heart pound.

didn’t want to say goodby, the voice come out with no sound.

the tears kept dropping on my hand, and my breath feels like it Burned.

can’t tell how much it hurt inside, only fake my smile to hide.

it was dream when it start and like a nightmare it end.

Update The Truth About Islam Page~~

I made some update to the page + add an index ^^ to make it more effective

hope it will be more helpful now~~

The Truth About Islam Index

Welcome ^_^

The First Step

Rules and humans rights in islam

Islam and Science

Marriage of Ayesha

From Dankness to light stories

End of the world and beyond From a Islamic and scientific perspective

♡〜 Einsamer Hirte 〜♡

it can never get old~ ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

since i was small the first time i heard this was from one of my dad’s Kasets … i just fell in love with it  (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Gheorghe Zamfir is one of my favorite artist till now (‘▽^人)

Enjoy his melody “Einsamer Hirte”

Ya Allah!

another sad day in my beloved city, I pray for those innocent souls that been lost and Injured today Due the Mortar shell that had fell behind my house, and many other places. this country shed a lot tears and suffer a lot of pain.
Ya Allah!
we only asking your help, my life, my family, my country all in your hand, help us!! and protect those who need you the most.


good?! .. no more .. no less ..

it’s good day, with all the troubles around still can say it is good
i guess my Standard of good and bad have change a bit since i have to live with all this trouble around me and get used to it
at least am still breathing right ??
well that consider good
i hope all this end fast, the problem is whenever those on top fight for their positions the one at bottom had to suffer
it’s a one person fight and the rest only a chess pieces can be sacrifice anytime
this world start to fell fast to the heal
i feel like with all the hopes we live for, we only fighting for one thing ” living”
no dreams no hopes only people fighting for their foods, homes, to stay alive.
everything else just flyers blowing away with the winds.
honestly whenever someone want to take the charge he gave soooo much promises to Drew the attention and get
as much as he can approval, then when he reach his goal all those promises get lose like the air from the balloon no more no less
will good for you
i don’t give a damn about them anymore cause i don’t trust anyone now, all of them are just bunch of Liars
climbing thire thrones on bloody corps
so ya … we still ok if we still alive.

past in the memory..

do I miss them。
your voice, your smile, your gentle appearance, your playful and your childishness.
do I miss them。
the time we spend, the stories we tell, how my heart beat fast, our arguments.
i still remember them。
the first day , the good time we been through, when everything claps.
I can’t  forget。
how much you try to make me smile, to wipe away my sadness
whenever you there i can’t stop smiling, even with nothing you can get me happiness
and when you left, this hole inside of me become so deep full with darkness
I don’t regret。
knowing you, being with you, the memory i have i’ll Treasure it forever
cause the meaning of loving someone even for a little is that pure happiness that you feel,
the honest feeling, the pain of leaving
all come in one package
do I miss you。
every day … no? every second of the day
even tho i know it never meant to last and i decided to take the chance
i prepared to have the pain and yet it mad me cry
and i still miss you
this image of love forever i’ll have past in my memory like scraps of story book at last reach it last chapter.
on it last page i write ..



“for everything you gave me
thank you”


it’s been long time since last time i was here

miss it, and miss u all

i hope i can return back to my writing but few trouble got me away

^_^ wish u all great day

nice to see u again

just a wave..

am trembling like the sea waves
only hitting the shore
trying to go high
but then i find me self lower
so many things inside of me
make me feel unsecured
dunno what got to me
of everything am not sure
the songs that my heart used to sing
become so weak, so poor
the sound is no more my sound
the spark in my eyes has disappear
my thoughts all have no meaning
they just there troubling me more
i have the same reflect in the mirror
but it’s like it say am not you’re
you’re just another wave that been lost in sands shore

“this hurt even more”

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