Silence..we had enough..

Silence Silence Silence

it’s all noisy out there,, o(#>д<)o I really can’t take it.

GOSH ………

Stop already,, is there really no one can help .. no one have some kind of humanity.

ppl are just looking at us with sympathy (BUT THAT WON”T HELP)

we will keep dying if you don’t act right.

so already, do something.

we had enough..

we had enough..

no more waiting .. we just can’t.

so, let’s make it clear here …

the right will never be wrong.

pray for us, that the least thing we ask


good one

I found really nice text to speech site with more realistic sound

♪(*^^)o that great .. I was looking all over for it for my project.

now I can start well.

but first, i’ll share it with u.

make good use of it.

Click here


it’s hurt


I have Had enough … even thought I should, it’s my falt at the start.

but, am really had enough.

I was the silly girl all this time, but not any more (there ppl do not deserve to treat well ……)

and it hurt more that they are really close to u.

but from now on, i’ll care about myself first.

i’ll look after myself first.

my mind fill with with pain, and I get tired from crying.

really sad, even if u work hard for them they will never appreciate it.

and at one fall they’ll forget all what u did for them.

it took me really long time to understand, but now, i’ll work for myself.

I hate to say it but I totally changed now, my old self will die inside of me.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.


I really would like to go to the sea soon.

I really miss it, not seeing it for long time it’s just like punishment for me.

but since that all this happening I can’t go, not safe.

it’s soo cruel.


My Music station

Today i have tried to make an online radio station

Wooo Hooo O(≧∇≦)O

I don’t know if it’s work or not … ヾ(-_-;)

well .. it’s natural sound and relaxing music 

I hope it will work o(^^o)(o^^)o

Earth Sound

try it if u like d(-_^)


we will survive.

This is not the truth, not even a half-truth.

Please just shut up. 


Enough talking already, we did not need you fence sympathy.

This does not stop the bloodshed.

Enough talk.
our tears has Dried, and our dreams has turned into nightmares.
our days are burdened with pain and fear.

Please Enough talking.

I can not believe a word you say no more, all of them only lies.
Of course, and why not, you are not living in the world that we are in.
safe in your homes, and we are not.
We do not know if tomorrow will be write for us life or death.

Enough talk.

We no longer need your suggestions.
it’s been Long time, and we can no longer endure.
But we will live, will not give up.
future that we see, will not fade.
Just waited.

we will survive.

believe that.

cause we know.

Break out

painful, so much to take …

feeling like outsider, I just hate it .. I don’t know my self any more.

I keep smiling even though I feel like my throat burning so much cause I really want to cry.

Cry Out Loud, I just hate it.

this feeling keep torture me every day, Every Single Day.

I just can’t take it any more, I want to shout so every thing go away.

no one really know how I feel, I don’t even know my self.

I guess .. I only write it here cause otherwise

my heart will just crack away if I didn’t let out once a while.

sorry about that……

I know if I wan’t to let it all out I won’t end writing…

so, i’ll just stop right here.

Thanx for listening, and sorry for bothering.

Not for all

same as every time, another day come ….

repeating over and over and over

nothing change, Except that the pain increase


say ..

I guess the world have some sleep pill that they take every morning so they never weak up.

Or they really gone blind.

in other ways … no one cares.

it’s impossible to ask help from whom look for the big reword first .. Na aH

That absolutely IMPOSSIBLE

so, every one sleep well at Ur bed, hope u see good dreams.

hope our nightmare never reach u



Morning …..

well.. am not actually a morning person but, today is a special day, i wanted it to be perfect (Even if just pretend to be).

it’s look like it’s just clam an quite out there.

I hope it keep like that ….

This year was really hard one on us, and am sure that we need really long time to be able to go on after it.

but keeping our Faith and be Optimism, is the only way to make it happen.

I know that this day is raising on ppl whom really in pain, it should be celebration but not for all of us.

I Wish i can do something to make there pain more easy ………..

there no way i can feel what they going through, losing someone is really painful just to think of it.

For this day …. to all of u … I say

Morning to every mother 

Morning to every father

Morning to every sister

Morning to every brother

Wish u all a peaceful and shiny day

Happy Eid Mubarik


Tomorrow is blessed day, Day that we all were waiting it before..

after this holy month, The Eid is tomorrow.

from all the sorrow I hope that u got a worm smile to easy the pain inside of u.

Happy Eid  Mubarik to all of u

God bless u

Share a smile, warm a hearts, do ur best to fill the happiness into whom need it.

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