Cross My Mind

Today i would like it to be different, i don’t know why.

but i really feel like that, i become really tired from the same things that happen every day.

same bad thing, family fight, misunderstood, being lonely.

Even the whole crisis around us.

for change, i would really wan’t something good to happen.

all gather for meal time, safe day that we can go in it for a vacation, becoming family again.

when did it start to get soo hard for us to be together, when did it become like this.

every one goes alone, we got really apart, soo close yet soo far.

it’s really painful, it really is.

I hate the fact that i can’t do any thing to change it, this is not what i hoped for.

but i guess, this what real life is, nothing perfect, nothing complete.

you can dream of what ever you want, but that not gonna make it come true.

but even tho, sometimes i really dream of make it come true no mater what.

is that silly thing to think about, i surly don’t care.

it’s my one dream, every one go after there dreams why not me.

i’ll keep trying so, even if it didn’t work, at lest i would be done what i have to do.

so, no regret after that.

am only human, so …

I ask you God to help me in my way.

in the end something should be done.


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