4:00 PM

It’s 4:00 PM now and the sound of the NOISE around me is kinda become less for now.

I really need a little quietness.

I didn’t come with any idea of what should I write here today, my mind was all empty.

but,, there some thing I was asking my self about for a long time….

when I was still at school, I really had a big hop of what I really like to become when I grow up.

since then I chose my path of life as how I really like it to be.

but thing didn’t come as I would like it to be, it’s now like I have back to sector zero.

even  tho that I was REALLY sure that the path I chased is what I wanted.

and am now lost, the feeling that my life was for nothing is becoming soo heavy on my chest.

it’s like I can’t breath any more.

…………………….. Long Talk

I know, with talking nothing will be done.

but what if there nothing you can do, seriously….

what the meaning of all the hopes that I carry with me all these years.

believe it or not, I hate the me who is talking like that, it’s not an option for me to give up.

but am to lost to know what else to do.

every thing is crossing me so fast that it’s hard for me to follow.

what should I do.

how come I don’t know what I really want any more.

what I am in this life.

^_^;) Gosh!!….

I think my head start to hurt me again now.

so, till I think of Solution to my problem I need to keep going on, or I’ll be left alone behind.

I really fear that.

Haio ツ

Haioooo ^o^)/

I have been away for some time now from here (not cause I want to be away tho…)

so, I’ll say those past days were really hard.

but we got through them all .. that all what matter any way.

hard time come to all the people, some I can never imagine how hard time they get.

but to get through it and survive make you even stronger.

you will never remember any thing except how the end was.

that what make us humans and give us strength (THE EXPERIENCE)

any way ….

today really nice day, so am going to do some gardening.

greens and flower are simple things that make you see the all greatness of living.

it not easy for it to survive during the hard season, but they simply do.

^_^;) hehe silly huh ….!!

for me it’s life lesson, something that make me always look forward.

so, starting my day taking care for those little beauty give me the push i need for the rest of day.

(That what I hope for …)

           I wish you all a shiny day

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