New Beginning

I like how it sound…

even tho it’s more hard than it’s spelling, but it really worth it.

New Beginning, it won’t erase what you got in your past, it just give you a white page to write what in your future.

your past will still there to remind you of what did you do wrong, and it up to you to how to avoid do it again, but what done won’t be fixed again.

so, start your New Beginning with careful, learn from your faults and draw your future with a good images.

wish you all have a beautiful images in your life.


with my prayer to you to succeed.

My today.

for a few days now, i really wake up pretty late and i slept when the morning show.

i hate this, staying at home not knowing what i have to do.

my all life is upside down.

but today i guess i want to make a A nice dinner and delicious Cake.

so the menu is …

Lentil soup with carrots
beetroot tomatoes and garlic salad
groats dish with bean sauce

aaaand ^0^)/
Chocolate cake

and bone apatite …..

My Birthday 2013

today is my birthday.

i want to share it with every one, and say happy birthday to all whom have the same birthday as me, and to all whom was before me, and to all whom will be after me.

am not really in mood to Celebrate this day, but thanx to every one whom remember me and share his wishes for me.

thank you god for let me be here and let my family still with me.

and with all my mistake, thank you for forgiving me.

my wish today is ……………………..

well well (v^ー゚) Lets share the cake.


For you Mama

It’s maybe word that i will say, but believe me ma’ it’s all in me.

how much i love the smile on you face, how much i miss all those days.

i miss your smell, i miss your warm, i miss every thing include you.

Mamy … I LOVE YOU.

Love you soo much mama, really miss you.

i pray to god to protect you and heal your sickness and give you health

And that my day come before yours, cause i can never imagine life where your not there.


My Winter 2013

2013-01-10 01.38.18 2013-01-10 02.38.32

2013-01-10 11.13.26 2013-01-09 10.12.01

I wanted to post this earlier but i couldn’t get in my blog.
this is how was the snow 4 days ago, around my house.
not usual for us to get snow like that so,
^_^ it was very beautiful.
it last only for 2 days but, it was fabulous.


Happy New Year

The New Sun shine of the new year has rise

the welcome party and the prayer have been made

every one hope to have new start

but we can’t forget our past years, cause the new year is only new page in our life book

not a new book, soo make sure you remember all what you done in those years and learn

how to correct your mistake.

I hope you all have a new start 🙂 including me cause i really need one.

have a pretty life

Happy New Year

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