1998 QE2 astero…

1998 QE2 asteroid expected to pass by Earth on Friday
The closest will be at 9:00 GMT

The asteroid, known as 1998 QE2, was first discovered back in 1998, but some latest images show a small white object which scientists believe is the satellite or moon orbiting the asteroid.

“It’s definitely possible to see with a small amateur telescope, even from near JPL here where there’s a lot of light pollution,” said Steve Wissler, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory astronomer.

1998 QE2 is going to come within what’s called 15 lunar distances of Earth, or about 15 times the distance between the Earth and the moon. That’s expected Friday at 2 p.m., but NASA says there is no need to run for shelters or stock up on water.

“We know it’s passing at a comfortable distance,” said Paul Chodas, a scientist with NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program.

The asteroid is believed to be about 1.7 miles in diameter, or about nine Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ships. It rotates every 5.3 hours.

It’s so far away that even at its closest point telescopes will only be able to see it as a small point of light.

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Dear summer 〆(・∀・@)

today is really hot.

oh.. i know it’s your season now but please summer could you be a little soft with us.

it’s not that am against you but i really can’t take the heet.

even my cat is about to melt.

i can’t even go out to beach or pool so,

just a little bit i need it to be a cool air. 八(^□^*)




The most things i hate is when electricity blackout and i were writing something..(」゜ロ゜)」

and then i realize that i didn’t save it… Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ

then i just sit still with no emotion on my face just shock cause i don’t remember the whole thing that i write.. ╭(ಠ_ಠ)╮

then i get reaaaaaaaally angry… ლ(◣_◢メ))

and i say with loud voice: (((p(#`Д´)q)))


well that a part of what happen with me today.


I like to stay late at night

I like to stay late at night, till i can’t hear any sound except the creatures of night.

not cause i like to not sleep early, it’s just because i seek for the night silence, there will be only me and the wind whispering to each other about the day life.

I like the smell of the cold air, the light of the shining stars, the glory of the moon.

I Like the darkness that surrounded the whole place.

to stay there and breath slowly, just listening to the song of the night. letting my problems float with the passing by winds.

till i watch the born of the new light for the new day.

I wish every thing is touched by this magic …… this beauty.

I like to say late all night.



listen more

It doesn’t matter how much you try to explain something if the other side is holding to their own thoughts
no matter how many time you repeat it,if they block their head with their own judgment.
it’s will be only a waste of breath if you ask me.
in full room of people no one can understand a thing, if all they speak in the same time.
so, one advice …
if you want to be heard, try to listen more.


Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and

Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and whatever he did.

you can never see through his heart to know what he felt.

it hard enough to look in people eyes when it show an indictment.

never judge anyone cause you’ll get judged in the end.



“Mirrors” ~♪♪

Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Cover
by Justin Timberlake


“Heart Attack” ~♪♪

Sam Tsui & Chrissy Costanza
by Demi Lovato


Let me have some rest.

Let me live my way like a butterfly

share the world what in-front of my sight

let my heart fly away from the pain

it’s not a lie it’s not a sin

along with the wind let my soul rise.

above the cloud where it always shine

the silence there it feel so nice

make me calm, make me forget the past.

Let me have some rest.


Words on paper

How it feels to see the world through someone else eyes ….

How it feels if you take the pain of your own lies …

will it make you before hurting someone to think twice…

let me tell you no one can run, in the end you will seize…


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