The strange path ・*:.。.Part One.。.:*・

Hai all…

yesterday i was siting at my balcony listening to my favorite songs.

when a story cross my mind.

i picked up my Pencil (i only like to write with Pencils tho (─‿‿─)) and started to write it down on my notebook. 

well i used to write some short stories before but in my motherland languages.

so, this my first try in English.

and i only thought about it yesterday so, i don’t think it’s really big deal.

this is the first part (i was to sleepy to continue writing (ノ)´∀`(ヾ))

give me you Opinion.o(〃^▽^〃)o


The strange path …

It’s been a while since that day, whenever thing end.

When the world become dead, when it become with no color in her eyes.

It’s been a while and she still remembers every single second of it, she still sees it like it happening right now.

That horrible accident, the spark of the broken glass, the smell of the burning gas, the sound of the cold milt iron.

The last light of her mother’s eyes while she was falling off.

Even when she was dying she still worries about her.

At that moment, her mother said something but she couldn’t hear it because she was shock frozen, she couldn’t shout or even cry, her emotions become blank.

Every one talked about that sad accident.

When the bridge broke and a family car fall over the valley.

The mother has died in that accident and the father remain alive cause the care safety bellow and had been sent to the hospital where he fell in a coma for a moth then he died due his bad injury.

The only survivor was a 15 year girl was found on the side of the broken bridge, the witness said that the mother throw her daughter from the car door while the car was fallen but she couldn’t escape with her.

People felt sad and sorry for that girl for her lost while the whole accident kept repeating over and over on her head.

Her aunt toke the charge of raising her after that accident.

She was like a corps without a soul, the light in her eyes become fade, nothing matter to her any more, and her aunt had a hard time to make her back for a little bit to the living world.

A year after that she return to her studies and her school life, but still when the day of the accident come her soul become empty and the fact that she can’t see her mother any more or that she can’t say sorry after the fight they had on that day hunted her like a knife in her heart.

Day by day she lives her live with that memory, and day by day started to learn how to bear it.

It’s been 4 year since that tragedy accident aunt now phona has become a first year collage girl.

She decide to get into an art collage to become an artist since the drawing help her a lot to forget a little of her pain.

She made a few friends and started to blend more in society.

Little by little her aunt knows that she will pass through her bad feeling and helped her to open her heart again.

It’s a midnight now and Phona was preparing herself for her art collage entrance test.

She felt really tired but she made her best to do the work.

Tomorrow should be OK  she has to pass the test to get in that collage, and that the path that she chose for herself.

“Well I have to be fully prepared, nothing should be wrong for tomorrow” she said to herself.

After she finished her last touch on her painting she looked outside to see the full moon glowing in front of her, but somehow it seems like his color a little pit pale than its usual.

But well it maybe because the weather today she assume.

Her eyes slowly become heaver and she started to feel sleepy so, she sat down in front of her table and lent her head to the window.

Her eyes kept looking to the moon while the view become more fade, her eyes couldn’t stay open much longer and she surrender herself to the dream land fast.

When she opens her eyes the view around her was soo much surprising that made her head spin a little.

“Where am I?!”

“What is this place?!”

“And how did I ended up here?!”

Everything around her was strange; she found herself in place that she never seen before.

For her it looks like she was standing on the cloud.

She searches the place with her eyes to see if there something that can help her understand but nothing seems to be there.

Suddenly she notice a person shadow standing in the way side in front of her.

Her heart starts to beat really fast, her breath become heaver and a cold wave cross her entire body.

“What should I do?!”

“Why I ended up in this situation?!”

“Is this a dream, and who is that person?!”

Questions kept running in her head nonstop.

What should she do she asked herself, if she decided to run she will never know to where.

She doesn’t recognize any thing around her.

The shadow didn’t move so, she toke a deep breath and clear her mind.

“Maybe he is not that bad?!”

“Maybe he could help me out?!”

Step by step slowly she make her way to that shadow,  while he started to become more clear to her eyes, she saw a tall man with a long dark cape, his face was hidden under the cape hat so she didn’t see his details .

He didn’t make a single movement while she was approaching him.

“E… excuse… me sir…” her voice was shaking and she was really confuse already.

‘You’re really brave to get this close to some strange man’

His voice make her heart stopped for a second, she froze still and she lose her voice of fear,

Could he hurt her, what should she do, it was careless of her to get this close even though he never looked harmless.

‘Don’t worry… am not here to hurt you’

“Wha…” his voice right now seems familiar to her, who is this person.

 “Am… actually I guess am lost here, I don’t remember how I end up in this place, I believe this is some kind of mistake, Could you please help me?!”

She holds her hand tight while she waited for his replay.

‘Mistake?! Your suppose to be here, there is no mistake about that’

What is this man saying?! Suppose to be here? this is mistake.

“Wha….what are you saying?! How come it’s not mistake?! I have never seen this place before and unless it’s not dream it must be mistake”

She was trembling while she was talking and she hardly standing on her legs.

He must be notice that because he started to talk to her with more kind voice.

‘Phona… listen to me carefully, you’re here cause there something you should know, something really important’

Phona?! He called her by her name didn’t he?!

How possible could he know her name, who is this man?!

Moreover what the important thing that she should know?!

“H…how did you know my name?!, who are you?!”

Please tell me …

‘It doesn’t matter who am I, am here to warn you about something and that all I can tell you right now.’

Warn me?! What’s going on here?!

“What are you talking about?!”

‘Phona… look carefully to what I’ll show you, cause you life in danger Phona’

Danger?! My Life?!


Phona: the name of the main character, it’s a short name of Phonex


End of the first part



The strange path ・*:.。.Part Two.。.:*・


Happy friday

today is Friday

for some reason am not excited about it not even a bit

but a small thing make me really happy today

i have seen the first blossom of my Jasmine plant

am soo happy that it started to get flowers now

and it smell really great

maybe those days not going like i want them to be

but there is things that change the mood even if it was for a little bit

like this flower, it make me smile even if i had a bad day

so, if those small things exist then nothing else matter

this life may get bad and even worse than bad

you may think that i can take it any more

but you should know that life is soo big, and there always another way.

if you look carefully you’ll sure see it.

it may be a small thing that you would never notice in normal days

but it will keep there for you

so,  listen up my Friday

you may not the best day that pass by my life

but still, i’ll live you with all my might

and i’ll keep hoping for best, cause god always there and god know what better for me


hope you all nice Friday

morning to the morning

night to the night


with smile I bid you farewell

Lighting up my night

Standing there, looking to no where

sinking into my thoughts

everyone around me doing their works

the night was close, and i was waiting for my moon

suddenly the darkness become tight.

nothing you can see from afar

there is not a single light

the dark sky was without stars

where are you my moon

you haven’t come tonight

i’ll keep waiting for you, wishing that i’ll still see you.

your my dreams, hope my strength when i fight.

when i see your glow, i know i can be alright.

god make you soo beautifully, every thing about you is right

my moon where are you tonight.

my eyes searching for you yearning

my heart sound like it will stop throbing

dry pain  i feel it in my thought

i want to see you

come by my side

it was like i will give up when i saw

your light was reaching the sky above

slowly cowling till it reach my eyes

i saw you now, i saw how you rise

with a red glow like you were shy

my beautiful moon i have saw you tonight.




My Cat

my beautiful cat ヾ(=゚・゚=)ノ


she is part of my family, and she know that very well

she make me happy with her playing style  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

and she reaaaaaaaaaly know how to make me angry (;≧皿≦)

even tho, when am not listening to her and writing on my pc, she love to sit on my hand

or in-front of the keyboard to make me unable to do anything.

she really smart and caring cat.

when we cry or shout she comes fast to help us (or to be more specific, to bite us  (¬、¬))

i really love her  (´ ▽`).。o♡




she is now pregnant in the 4th week, I can’t wait to see her kitties o(^・x・^)o


Some sweet for life

It’s the smile that can be comes after a sad day

The happiness that can be foundin aftera dark way

Life may be bitter, but people can make it sweeter than candy

Thank you belsbror for Nominate me for this lovely award (‐^▽^‐)


Here are the rules:

A. Thank the blogger that nominated you.

Thank you soo much belsbror  (≡^∇^≡)

B. Answer  the super sweet questions.

1. Cookies or Cake? Both?

Cake  (-^〇^-)

2.Chocolate or Vanilla? 

Cho-Co-La-te °˖✧(✖‿✖)✧˖°

3.Favorite Sweet Treat?

Ice-Cream ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

4.When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?

any time .. I can’t put exact time for it cause for sweet any time i want it, i want it (>y<)

5.Sweet Nick Name?

(*゚ノO゚) Cho-Co 

C.  Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.

Done.. (^□ ̄*)

D. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.

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I wish you all to have as much sweet as you can get at life, cause even if you don’t like sweet you can’t live in only a  bitter life.


Night visit..

yesterday i waited to see the moon 

as it raise close to my eye view i couldn’t stop my heart beat

it was as expected, soo bright, soo full, soo beautiful

it took my breath away

yesterday was like every thing is preparing to it show

the wind was soft, the sky was clear

the only thing was at that dark sky was my beautiful moon

it shines like a piece of diamond reflecting the sun light

nah.. more beautiful than that

nothing can compare to it bright

i stare at it for hours and didn’t get bored, i didn’t want to leave it side

I know that every day i look at the sky seeking the moon, every time it looks soo beautiful

but today it was as i can reach it, like if i stretch a little bit i can hold it with my fingers.

staring back at me i felt like no one there but us.

slowly our time come to end

bit by bit disapeared like it saying bye

yesterday, the moon visit my sky

i was honored by it visit

The way that I write.

The way that I write.

it’s not perfect or even coordinate.

I write the feeling that cross my heart.

I write the way I know to write.

I want it to be simple

I want it to reach outside.

I want to let you know what is goes inside.

my chest barely take it while i start to write.

every time I take a breath out.

I write slowly what got on my mind

it’s not really that easy, but i enjoy that.

so you can understand, what kind of person that write.


Supermoon from Maiko Fujita (藤田 麻衣子)’s album

“Supermoon” All rights goes to 藤田 麻衣子.


SuperMoon 2013

New information to all who love to look up to the night sky (-^〇^-)

our moon will be on it’s closest point to Earth in its orbit and largest full for this year on 22-23 June.

it called Super-Moon (perigee), The moon will be on it  closest point to Earth at 11:32 a.m GMT

on June 23 and it will be 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter (>y<)

it will be the shiniest view you will ever see for it, i guess it will become a very lovely night

(´ ▽`).。o♡

so, i wish you all enjoy those nights (人´∀`*)

never miss them (-o⌒)

my beloved blue….

you know how much i miss you

my forever love

my truth, my smile

i miss your end-less blue

your fresh smell, your white-less sky

your waves that keep on

going then coming by

your strong voice

your song, your cry

that symphony that you always play

and never die

i miss your warmth

your cool, i miss your night

and even your anger

when you wave goes high

you teach me how to stand when you kept pushing me down

you teach me how to rise

on your soft sand i build my dream

i draw my first line

you was my secrets well

you saw me when i cried, you saw my true smile

my beloved sea

someday again

will meet

again will say hi

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