Going to drown..

I feel like am going to drown

there is nothing can pull me up

how hard i try.

nightmare that always strike me

when i remember that my sun tried to rise

but i still drown, i still fight from my heart

to never go down….

my heart beating fast, my breathes like it’s the last.

is it the end, am i done?!.

looking up hoping to see some light.

to see something give me the will to fight.

trying to reach the edge to pull my self.

my head become heavy, am losing the will.

it’s easy to close my eyes and let go.

it’s easy to give up,no pain much more.

some images flash back in my mind.

the moment that my eyes get close.

is that my life?!, my friend, my family?!.


how could i give up on all those.

how could i let go.

they give me a push to try one more.

one last breath, one last go.

an orb of light shines from above.

i have to reach it, i have to fast do.

keeping those images in my sight.

i get scared thinking not to see them any more.

no, i have to get back,

for them i have to do.

my pain, my frighten i forget about all those.

i keep telling my self (must go, must go….)

they waiting for me i know.

the orb become larger, the light get stronger.

am there i made it alone.

no, no, never alone.

they give back my strength that i lost.

i reach the surface and toke a deep breath.

i look around the it was surprise.

am in my room.

that was a dream, a nightmare.

my mother was rushing in with a worry eyes.

she heard me scream.

i smiled and my eyes tears, even if it’s not real.

i could believe they save my life.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. a friend
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 15:49:18

    thanks to God it’s only a bad dream



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