The strange path ・*:.。.Part Two.。.:*・

The strange path ・*:.。.Part One.。.:*・

Danger?! My Life?!

For a second her entire world stop moving, her mind become blank and her whole body turn into a block of ice. Is that a joke?!

Is he making fun of me or something?!

Who is playing this ugly prank on me?!

Without feeling her body moved a step backward, she wanted to run away, she wanted to scream help me!

“Y… you kidding me… right?!, I… I have had enough of this… I want to go home… I want to leave this place”

Her reaction didn’t change anything, that man still standing in silence watching her, how can she run away from him.

“Phona… hear me, what am I telling you is no joke, I have summoned you here to tell you this reality and to save your life”

This even makes her more scared but for some reason, somehow this man, his voice, there something special about it.

Although she wanted to run his word made her want to know the truth.

“Well… what is that important thing that I should know and why my life… why is it in danger?!”

A heavy wave of silence cover the moment that she was waiting to hear his answer, it felt like it will never end.

‘Actually … I can’t tell you that… bu… .’

‘What?! …. Don’t play with me … what is it that you want to tell me?!’

She was soo much angry; she wanted to shout on his face, it was like all her fear turned into a big amount of angry.

But then, when he saw her furies like that, he laughs with low voice and then…

‘You still the hot headed, aren’t you Phona?!’


What with this man?! And how… how he knows those things about me?!

Who are you stranger?!

This situation what so much confusing to Phona that she didn’t know what to say and fell in her own thoughts and question about this man.

But he breaks he thought line when he started to talk again

‘Listen Phona… I said I can’t tell you so, that why I have to show you, prepare Phona to what you will see’


Without notice and with a light touch from his finger a flash view shock Phona sights the light was soo strong that made her close her eyes.

And when she opens them, for a surprise she found herself in different place, but this time she recognizes this one.

What am I doing here?!

This is the collage that am trying to enter with my friend isn’t it?!

Why am I here?!

But everything looks normal, why did he bring her here.

“Gosh… That man! He made my heart sink, and then he brought me here! What with him?!”

Suddenly a sound appeared make her heart froze, she become like a stone.

That sound that cracks sound

“This can’t be happing…. ”

How could she forget a horrible sound like that?

The bridge, the cracked floor, the car, her parents.

This sound brings back all those images to her once again.

She felt that the ground under her feet is moving, the walls were falling.

Everything was falls apart.

But she couldn’t move, her lags were nailed down, her face become solid, her eyes opened widely.

“I  … this can’t be  … am going to die  … I  … can’t move”

The only thing that she could do was closing her eyes, waiting for her end.

Her heart was shouting, but her voice couldn’t reach the surface.

There is no one here to help her; no one can hear her voice.

Are she going die here like this, is this really her end.

“… mom… mommy!”

Unawares about what happens, every things stop, there are no more sounds… nothing.

She slowly opens her eyes, looking around to see what happen, but… she found herself back to that strange place, and that strange man also standing in front of her.

“W… What was that?! … What did you do to me?!”

Her tears was flooding all over her face, her body was shaking like a small leaf.

She wanted to hit him soo badly to make him feel how horrible what she felt.

‘Am sorry to make you go through this but  … I had to show you this before its late’


“What do you mean by late?! Am I… am I going to die like that?!”

‘I can’t tell you that… cause that not my place to know’

“Then what all this about”

She wanted him to explain this matter to her, this confusing thing that she been through.

But the view starts to get bluer in her eyes and a heavy fog cover her sight.

Sinking in this fog Phona started to shout calling that strange man, bit then she found herself sitting in front of her table again, the sun was raising and its morning.

She was sitting like she was before this entire crazy thing.

Is this a nightmare?! I guess I felt asleep when I was working last night.

Nightmare?! But it surly felt like the real thing, she even found her eyes were tearing.

Looking at the clock, she gets shocked by how late she was.

“Oh god! Am late, am late”

As fast as she can changed her cloth and prepare herself for the collage today is an important day.

After saying bye to her ant she head fast to the collage, by her was there was few stores and markets that sells variety things.

One of them got her attention and stops for a second to have a look.

Suddenly a reflection of a man standing next to her makes her flinch, and this not any man.

It’s the same one from her dreams, she turned around herself looking for where that reflect come from but nothing appear to be there.

Slowly she turn back to the store front glasses but the man reflect was already disappears.

Her heart was beating fast and her body was shaking, the whole nightmare run in her mind once again.

“I really must be tired to imagine things like this”

She shake her head the again move forward to her collage, but then she stopped, her heart was still beating, and her body just didn’t want to move any further.

Why is she that scare, it was only a nightmare, why she can’t forget it?

She has to move, she can’t pass this day.

But no matter how hard she tries shy can’t make herself move.

“What’s wrong with me, scared from a nightmare, what’s wrong with me?”

She decided to go back for now cause like this she will never be able to do the test any way, on her path there was a beautiful garden she sat on one of her seats and try to cool of her head, a laugh come out of her mouth.

“How weak am I, if a nightmare froze me like this … this really bad”

The sky was clear blue, and the smell of the nature relaxed her for a bit.

“I should go home and tell aunt that I couldn’t attend the exam today ….”

Heading back home, Phona was extremely disappointment of herself, she reach the home and opened the front door to find her ant rushing to her way the hugging her while crying

“Aunt… wha… why are you crying?!”

She was hugging her soo hard, like she was afraid to lose her.



 End of the secound part



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