Us Humans and Our Life

how about we chat a little about us humans.

we have made our way in this live, like it or not.

with or without knowing our real purpose of living.

we draw a line to a goal we want to reach, trying our best in every day.

we done every thing we want to do with any price it has to take, we climb on each other bodes just to get to the top.

it’s such a messy hard short life we live.

going around wasting those little breaths we have, knowing nothing else to do.

some has achieve a lot and some haven’t done any thing at all.

in the end we all die, and what we done will stick on our names.

so, how about we think about it for a little bit, why are we here?

what is the reason for us to live this short live?

why god create it us?

let’s see … if you create something, won’t you want it to Serve,and obey you?

in this case god create it us in return shouldn’t we have to obey and Worship him.

god never ask to much from us and even take care and watch over us so as thanx isn’t that fair?

What is life?

for me, i see life as a school .. you study well learn a lot then work hard to get a nice grade, in between you have a space for your self to rest and have fun.

in the end you’ll have to take the last exam and it will determine your all Effort.

usually you’ll get chance to retake you exam if you fail, but in life’s school you have one chance in that exam if it come.

but in the other hand you’ll get a lot and a lot chances in the middle of your life to make up for your mistakes and take back  your right path.

god always guide us and make the ways light in-front of us to realize, but it’s we the ones that closes our heart and eyes in-front of his help.

so, if you know that eventually we will die, wouldn’t you suppose to think more about your life?

some people don’t believe in after death’s life, it’s true that it’s a little unfamiliar since there no one experience it to tell us about it,

but if you read some books of the main Religions and even the side ones you’ll see that they have the same basic describe for it.

so, doesn’t that mean that it must be real?

and if that so shouldn’t we prepare well for it.

rationally it will save us if it was true and that we won’t lose anything if it wasn’t. right?

so why we argue soo much about it then?

isn’t better for us to try to listen and search for the truth, life really to short to take it easy any way.

isn’t it best for us to take the safe way than Floundering in the darkness.

why won’t you think yourself as a traveler in this world and eventually you’ll have to leave to another place, will you leave empty hand? or you’ll take some provisions with you.

if you didn’t need it you can throw it away, it won’t harm you to carry it, but if you do need it think what will happen to you if you didn’t carry it with you.

you must be asking your self now, what is this provisions that she is talking about?

from the start of the humanity God send us many messengers to keep us on the right path and to help us understand our living purpose.

all the religion that we know now were here because of those messengers, and all of them are connected.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam all following each other, Judaism comes first then Christianity add more to it then Islam was the Conclusion,

like they were some chapters in a book, you should read the whole chapters if you want to understand what this book about.

am not trying here to led you to any of it, am just giving you my own point of view, you should be the one to search it more and thinking about it.

every things in this life can teach us why god give us our own lives, from the plants to the animals, the seas the wind and the sky.

the whole universe had been made by god And certainly it has signs to guide us through.

search for it in the right places, look carefully around you, observe this life more closely.

make sure to let your heart and mind wide open, No need to to be fanaticism, be more flexible.

we sure make mistake at last we are humans, but still we have to make sure to avoid them and learn more from them.

i know this was a long speech but it’s one of the important discussions in our life, so why we don’t give it a scope.

we won’t live this life twice, so make sure you chose right.



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