Good or Bad …

What makes people bad or good

what is the basic stander for the good or the bad person

could really someone judge just by looking

isn’t there something that can be sometimes out of the hand

the heart the feelings the mind

how could you see them and if not how could you judge without knowing those important part of someone

if you act good you’ll be including in the good people sections even if you fraud

if you act bad you’ll be including the bad people list even if you got in situation when you had to do what you did

that how this world work

if you had money your absolutely good

if you poor your useless and bad

your position in Society counts too

so, no mater what you did you’ll still be judged

then why you care about what they say, if it will not change the person you are except to the worse

it’s not that simple to seek accept from those small minded

and it’s not that important to be approve by them

just seek for people that sees you as how truly you are and accept your personality as it is

those are the most important in life

so bad or good, rich or poor

you are who you are inside not outside



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  1. Zkye
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 12:29:34

    so true .. Thanks for the thought .. ( ;


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