Dreams and the impossible

Dream, something we wish, we hope, crave to.
Always strive to get it.
But we sometimes do not get it whatever we do, because some dreams are just a reflection of the aspirations of the Impossible.
The impossible is something that cant be achieved.
so, what will happen if you just want to achieve your dreams.
Trying so hard to obtain.
You find yourself is always back step.
Your attempts to disappear without results.
finding yourself in the end of the reality, in a cycle of collapses and of sadness due all those fails.
And finally you surrender your self to this fact, but this is after you fatigue, and the world became black as the darkest night.
then When??

when we know that this dream is achievable and that’s not.
What is the standard between them and how can we know our potential to achieve it.
what the deference between us and those who has been successful in life, what are the steps that they did and how they lived their lives.

I think the difference is the word (impossible) ….
They did not recognize it existence, but Continued there ways with confidence and stood on their feet after every fall.
Did not let the frustration obtain them, and threw it all behind their backs.
they Never look back ever, because they know that their goal was before their eyes radiating as the sun.
It’s willpower which that moves them, not all humans have this power.
and I admitted that also I have leak for this power but i really wish to have it.

so, do you think our wished to get the dreams we want’s will make this power raise inside our souls




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