Change ??

today the weather have soften a little. 

we can feel a nice cool wind blowing from time to time, even tho the sun still have it full stand above us.

well it’s fine now since it will be cold soon right?

that remind me…

these days whenever am out at my balcony i can see how people act, all by them self.

it’s looks like there is a lot have change in their heart mind and soul

they become more rugged than before, they don’t care much about anyone else.

their heart become harden and harden.

maybe because all what happening now i can understand that, but in the right thoughts isn’t that should make them more softer more caring.

strange how people act, when it’s comes to them they snout and say bad things about other any seeing them self as top ideal.

but if it turn around they act like it’s not there problem why should they do anything to any one?

when they live in peace and with no one should look at them, but when life make them fall they start to Judge how don’t help them.

people are really unfair.

they say:-

“change what in yourself before changing the world”

true, cause that what actually will make us better.

see your false before looking at other people mistake, make yourself an example to other to change.

but for real this only letters on paper, no one follow it, they make it some precious world and hung it on the walls like some masterpiece, in “NO TOUCHING” sign under it.

so, why are they here for then, if we will not follow them?.

the world is going to be worse and worse if we keep like this

greed, hate, self only, ignoring, no understanding.

some of those or all of them and even other than them are inside ever one, a little bit or alot and that’s truth.

so, why not try to start from there from your self and then look how other will do the same.

is that true? or that only another letters on paper.

I wonder!!


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