good?! .. no more .. no less ..

it’s good day, with all the troubles around still can say it is good
i guess my Standard of good and bad have change a bit since i have to live with all this trouble around me and get used to it
at least am still breathing right ??
well that consider good
i hope all this end fast, the problem is whenever those on top fight for their positions the one at bottom had to suffer
it’s a one person fight and the rest only a chess pieces can be sacrifice anytime
this world start to fell fast to the heal
i feel like with all the hopes we live for, we only fighting for one thing ” living”
no dreams no hopes only people fighting for their foods, homes, to stay alive.
everything else just flyers blowing away with the winds.
honestly whenever someone want to take the charge he gave soooo much promises to Drew the attention and get
as much as he can approval, then when he reach his goal all those promises get lose like the air from the balloon no more no less
will good for you
i don’t give a damn about them anymore cause i don’t trust anyone now, all of them are just bunch of Liars
climbing thire thrones on bloody corps
so ya … we still ok if we still alive.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A friend
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 22:04:51

    Love you so much


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