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Hard choise

the days is passing fast

faster than we think

moments we want to last

leave us within a blink

times to say goodbyes

heart feels heavy and sink

choices you fear to try

start to shatter your sense

tears can’t hold it back

the memory flashing in

i hate to say goodbye

that word will broke my wings

life will show you paths

gives no time to think

wrong or right just guesses

like a fire you stuck within

the only pain will Lasts

and the burn you got from then

this feeling like a mazes

and am just trapped in

it’s won’t stop on chasing

so heavy, took my breathing

i wish the time will races

so those moment will pass my think


I would Like to think that every thing is being for a Reason

Every step we make

Every breath we take

the moments when we fall and thought that it’s the end.

it’s all happen for a Reason, to make us prepare for something better.

there is no night without sunrise after it.

and there is no fall without standing from it.

there nothing called impossible, cause we can do more than we think that we can or we already did.

if you believe that you can achieve more, then you will.

and if you give up. every thing will close in front of you.

it’s you who make that choice.

God will lend you the bower to walk again when you believe it from all you heart.

never think that’s it all alone, there is always someone watching over you.

so never stop moving cause there is always a light in the end of the Tunnel.

Talking Experience

Life is a journey where choices are made every moment


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