‘Steam Memory’ …

it’s like steam, the memories we made, disappeare with the first blowing wind.

the days that pass us by, like a melody, a farwell it send.

like the night that break the sun light, everything we know just melt.

nothing we can get back, what gone can’t be rebuild.

only the feels inside still keep this heart pound.

didn’t want to say goodby, the voice come out with no sound.

the tears kept dropping on my hand, and my breath feels like it Burned.

can’t tell how much it hurt inside, only fake my smile to hide.

it was dream when it start and like a nightmare it end.


Hard choise

the days is passing fast

faster than we think

moments we want to last

leave us within a blink

times to say goodbyes

heart feels heavy and sink

choices you fear to try

start to shatter your sense

tears can’t hold it back

the memory flashing in

i hate to say goodbye

that word will broke my wings

life will show you paths

gives no time to think

wrong or right just guesses

like a fire you stuck within

the only pain will Lasts

and the burn you got from then

this feeling like a mazes

and am just trapped in

it’s won’t stop on chasing

so heavy, took my breathing

i wish the time will races

so those moment will pass my think

Its just sometimes

sometimes it’s hard to describe your feeling in a word, so you prefer to keep silence.

even if who around you ask you what the matter, what you only can say is:-

I don’t know ヽ(ー_ー )ノ.

it’s true i really don’t know, i can’t easily tell you what am feeling right now.

it’s complected and hard to tell.

it’s not that i don’t want to tell you, it’s just i don’t know how.

maybe i can write a whole book, but i can’t even write one line of how i feel right now.

am not like every one, i don’t even think that am myself today.

so, maybe next time i’ll know and sure i’ll tell you, or even i’ll forget about it.

but still, i love you soo much and i know you worried about me but sometime i get those days, so just be by my-side and i’ll be ok.

Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and

Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and whatever he did.

you can never see through his heart to know what he felt.

it hard enough to look in people eyes when it show an indictment.

never judge anyone cause you’ll get judged in the end.



Let me have some rest.

Let me live my way like a butterfly

share the world what in-front of my sight

let my heart fly away from the pain

it’s not a lie it’s not a sin

along with the wind let my soul rise.

above the cloud where it always shine

the silence there it feel so nice

make me calm, make me forget the past.

Let me have some rest.


Words on paper

How it feels to see the world through someone else eyes ….

How it feels if you take the pain of your own lies …

will it make you before hurting someone to think twice…

let me tell you no one can run, in the end you will seize…


Close Your Eyes

When you feel soo tired of your life
When every thing Crashes down around you
when your plans never goes the way it should be
when you think that you tried soo hard with no result
just close your eyes
take a deep breath
see the world around you
people who less luck than you
people who never give up in the hard times
people who their smile never left thier lips no mater what they deal with

people wishes that they have half of what you have
Let all those go through your heart
given you the extra push to the future
open your eyes

Talking Experience

Life is a journey where choices are made every moment


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