‘Steam Memory’ …

it’s like steam, the memories we made, disappeare with the first blowing wind.

the days that pass us by, like a melody, a farwell it send.

like the night that break the sun light, everything we know just melt.

nothing we can get back, what gone can’t be rebuild.

only the feels inside still keep this heart pound.

didn’t want to say goodby, the voice come out with no sound.

the tears kept dropping on my hand, and my breath feels like it Burned.

can’t tell how much it hurt inside, only fake my smile to hide.

it was dream when it start and like a nightmare it end.


past in the memory..

do I miss them。
your voice, your smile, your gentle appearance, your playful and your childishness.
do I miss them。
the time we spend, the stories we tell, how my heart beat fast, our arguments.
i still remember them。
the first day , the good time we been through, when everything claps.
I can’t  forget。
how much you try to make me smile, to wipe away my sadness
whenever you there i can’t stop smiling, even with nothing you can get me happiness
and when you left, this hole inside of me become so deep full with darkness
I don’t regret。
knowing you, being with you, the memory i have i’ll Treasure it forever
cause the meaning of loving someone even for a little is that pure happiness that you feel,
the honest feeling, the pain of leaving
all come in one package
do I miss you。
every day … no? every second of the day
even tho i know it never meant to last and i decided to take the chance
i prepared to have the pain and yet it mad me cry
and i still miss you
this image of love forever i’ll have past in my memory like scraps of story book at last reach it last chapter.
on it last page i write ..



“for everything you gave me
thank you”

stop .. act

I can’t think

I can’t write no more

my thoughts has turn into blank

the sound i used to hear of night become the sound of blooded filthy act

nothing become white

even the color lost there shine and turn black

the life stand and shout no more

but the greed of the humans never understand

they only bounce for money and Power post

and people become cheaper than the Falling branch

and the souls has made their distance when they fall

their tear only Sinking the land of dark

my heart have no longer felt the life song

my mind had now become dried

my voice lost his enjoying tune

the happiness wont again rise

sometime i looks like am gana lose

but my faith still holding me tied

cause if it not you God! watch us close

no one else will care around.



if you can say what ever it goes in your mind

if you can tell easily what your feeling is to anyone

if you can express those feeling with a small act

by all meaning to reach you direction

isn’t it amazing to be able to say the word you want without hasting


every one have there own way, it’s not the same.

some can do, and some can’t

sometimes your word may not be able to follow your heart beat

it sometimes make people around you misunderstand what you really mean

sure it’s make you really troubled at some point


if you can wish to be more brave with your word

to be able to talk what in your mind

right and straight

but what if this was bad at sometimes, if it will make every one leave you alone


the world is truly not east

with or without honesty it will gives you troubles

so why you try


The way that I write.

The way that I write.

it’s not perfect or even coordinate.

I write the feeling that cross my heart.

I write the way I know to write.

I want it to be simple

I want it to reach outside.

I want to let you know what is goes inside.

my chest barely take it while i start to write.

every time I take a breath out.

I write slowly what got on my mind

it’s not really that easy, but i enjoy that.

so you can understand, what kind of person that write.

Prayer For you


there’s  people that life wounded them, and never lose faith in you.

there’s people their heart become so heavy, and always praying to you.

there’s people that all doors close by them, and still hoping to you.

there’s people that their loves one suffering, and they waiting relief from you.


hear their prayer and heal their wounds.

hear their prayer and rest their hearts.

hear their prayers and give them new starts.

hear their prayers and never break them a parts.


you know better than I do.

you see more than I know.


hear my prayers for you.

Going to drown..

I feel like am going to drown

there is nothing can pull me up

how hard i try.

nightmare that always strike me

when i remember that my sun tried to rise

but i still drown, i still fight from my heart

to never go down….

my heart beating fast, my breathes like it’s the last.

is it the end, am i done?!.

looking up hoping to see some light.

to see something give me the will to fight.

trying to reach the edge to pull my self.

my head become heavy, am losing the will.

it’s easy to close my eyes and let go.

it’s easy to give up,no pain much more.

some images flash back in my mind.

the moment that my eyes get close.

is that my life?!, my friend, my family?!.


how could i give up on all those.

how could i let go.

they give me a push to try one more.

one last breath, one last go.

an orb of light shines from above.

i have to reach it, i have to fast do.

keeping those images in my sight.

i get scared thinking not to see them any more.

no, i have to get back,

for them i have to do.

my pain, my frighten i forget about all those.

i keep telling my self (must go, must go….)

they waiting for me i know.

the orb become larger, the light get stronger.

am there i made it alone.

no, no, never alone.

they give back my strength that i lost.

i reach the surface and toke a deep breath.

i look around the it was surprise.

am in my room.

that was a dream, a nightmare.

my mother was rushing in with a worry eyes.

she heard me scream.

i smiled and my eyes tears, even if it’s not real.

i could believe they save my life.


Inspiring Words

  • your safe not because of the absence of danger, but because the presence of God.
  • sometimes all it takes is just one prayer to change every thing.
  • five simple rule for happiness:-
  1. Free your heart from hatred.
  2. Free your mind from worriers.
  3. live simply.
  4. Give more.
  5. Expect less.

Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and

Never judge anyone .. whoever he was and whatever he did.

you can never see through his heart to know what he felt.

it hard enough to look in people eyes when it show an indictment.

never judge anyone cause you’ll get judged in the end.



Let me have some rest.

Let me live my way like a butterfly

share the world what in-front of my sight

let my heart fly away from the pain

it’s not a lie it’s not a sin

along with the wind let my soul rise.

above the cloud where it always shine

the silence there it feel so nice

make me calm, make me forget the past.

Let me have some rest.


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