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sound of despair

the world start to fall apart
the olde dies same as the child
the people eyes become soo cold
no love no care just hate and cruel
the meaning of the life has gone by the wind
the wisper of the night full with sins
it’s start to pain to walk the way
it’s dark, cold, can’t see it’s end
every time i try to climp it hills
i slip away .. no hand to help
you say life has both side
the love and hate one of it part
but all i see is that the hearts change
soo fast they flip and the hate wins
just open your eyes and look around
people dies and every one knows
no one care, they shake there heads
what can we do … they only said
i don’t know how you watch them dies
you eyes don’t hurt? your heart don’t cry?
this life start to become like hell
the money the fame the place win
and people become just like a toy
moving around, till it’s thier fin
God please please make it End

This Worldly Life

This Worldly Life (Dunya)

| Maher Zain
| Official Lyric video


Letter to myself

Dear me….

you had a very colorful life to live

with so many choices

you got your share of happiness

and same for you sadness

your heart felled with laugh and joy

as your eyes shade tears when cry

you succeed in things you do

while you tried the bitter taste of the fall

you walked on a way that no one had walked before you

cause only that way was meant for you

you had some loses and you achieve some wins

dreams that crashes to build another dreams

life wasn’t perfect, and sadly that how it will

i know you walked a lot, and ahead of you there a lot still

life never end with a fail, hope can rise your will

i won’t promise you that thing will get easy

but you should have more faith in your self

cause life is like food flavor

each one had special taste to make the meal full


don’t forget your not alone

but you path have to walked with your own steps

trees always raise their head high
but before they alone have to climb up from the dirt


Life’s flavor

I want to try things i never know

play a games with absolutely no Rules

i want to share the beauty of the unseen  things

in every sadness there is happiness buried within

the sun that shine and gives the world this warm

the wind that blow, the rain that just fall

for every small thing that give this life a glow

child laugh, tears, bird sing, silence and the spark of love

I want to experience them

i want to know them all

there things that more important than names fame or money flow

there is really small things that gives better taste to the live we know

those life’s flavor i want to know them more and more


Hard choise

the days is passing fast

faster than we think

moments we want to last

leave us within a blink

times to say goodbyes

heart feels heavy and sink

choices you fear to try

start to shatter your sense

tears can’t hold it back

the memory flashing in

i hate to say goodbye

that word will broke my wings

life will show you paths

gives no time to think

wrong or right just guesses

like a fire you stuck within

the only pain will Lasts

and the burn you got from then

this feeling like a mazes

and am just trapped in

it’s won’t stop on chasing

so heavy, took my breathing

i wish the time will races

so those moment will pass my think


I tried to talk

I tried to sing

my voice was cold

my heart get ill

my wings they broke

forbidden my flying

they cut out my oak

that i used to live in

the freedom i look

was beyond an iron pen

i remember how i used to fly

cross the sky through the wind

those only become now

dreams my heart kept them in

my world i love so wide

can only see it from an inch thin

slowly my soul to the sky will rise

that only will be my freedom then


They and we

I want to rise my voice

make the world hear

that there is things are more

makes your eyes tear

they play us like a ball

throw us from there to here

they think they up and all

and every one should kneel

forget that they just small

wearing a long sand heel

so, fill you heart with joy

before life turn it wheel

you’ll now will take your chance

tomorrow us you’ll fear


Your smile ツ

Your smile make my smile appear

my pain heal

my sky clear

your smile make the world rare

the rose bloom

the life cheer

your smile make happiness more near

make my heart less fear

my life become white with no Barrier

your smile is the one most dear

keep your smile alive, cause without it

the light in my eyes will disappear

posetive thoughts…..

The sky May become darker before dawn, but this will not prevent the sun from rise.

There is always hope for everything in life, as for every beginning there is  the end.

things do not stand still without moving, everything is found in live for a reason.

The Earth will remain in the rotation, and if was to stop eventually that mean the end of the life.

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