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Lighting up my night

Standing there, looking to no where

sinking into my thoughts

everyone around me doing their works

the night was close, and i was waiting for my moon

suddenly the darkness become tight.

nothing you can see from afar

there is not a single light

the dark sky was without stars

where are you my moon

you haven’t come tonight

i’ll keep waiting for you, wishing that i’ll still see you.

your my dreams, hope my strength when i fight.

when i see your glow, i know i can be alright.

god make you soo beautifully, every thing about you is right

my moon where are you tonight.

my eyes searching for you yearning

my heart sound like it will stop throbing

dry pain  i feel it in my thought

i want to see you

come by my side

it was like i will give up when i saw

your light was reaching the sky above

slowly cowling till it reach my eyes

i saw you now, i saw how you rise

with a red glow like you were shy

my beautiful moon i have saw you tonight.




Going to drown..

I feel like am going to drown

there is nothing can pull me up

how hard i try.

nightmare that always strike me

when i remember that my sun tried to rise

but i still drown, i still fight from my heart

to never go down….

my heart beating fast, my breathes like it’s the last.

is it the end, am i done?!.

looking up hoping to see some light.

to see something give me the will to fight.

trying to reach the edge to pull my self.

my head become heavy, am losing the will.

it’s easy to close my eyes and let go.

it’s easy to give up,no pain much more.

some images flash back in my mind.

the moment that my eyes get close.

is that my life?!, my friend, my family?!.


how could i give up on all those.

how could i let go.

they give me a push to try one more.

one last breath, one last go.

an orb of light shines from above.

i have to reach it, i have to fast do.

keeping those images in my sight.

i get scared thinking not to see them any more.

no, i have to get back,

for them i have to do.

my pain, my frighten i forget about all those.

i keep telling my self (must go, must go….)

they waiting for me i know.

the orb become larger, the light get stronger.

am there i made it alone.

no, no, never alone.

they give back my strength that i lost.

i reach the surface and toke a deep breath.

i look around the it was surprise.

am in my room.

that was a dream, a nightmare.

my mother was rushing in with a worry eyes.

she heard me scream.

i smiled and my eyes tears, even if it’s not real.

i could believe they save my life.


Last night (ノ´∀`)

yesterday the electricity blackout twice, one at the morning and one at the sunset.

in usual time i may get upset cause of that…. (well i get upset cause the morning blackout it was hot (▼へ▼メ)).

but when it blackout at the sunset time, it was kind of nice, the night was slowly shading his veil on us.

little by little the darkness cover every thing, we light the oil lamp.

it’s shines the place like an orb of light.

the flame was dancing along the the wind, shaking aside.

the smell of the oil make me really dizzy.

outside i saw the multicolored of the flashlight that the people was holding to see there way.

it’s look like there were drawing a rainbow, or making a fireworks at the ground.

it was a beautiful image of merged color.

it was quite and calm day.

for the first time i could see the stars fill the sky and i even spot a few satellite passing by.

it like a new world i have realize it for the first time.

i saw it in a different perspective, and it was amazing.

it wasn’t bad last night at lest for me ◝ (o⌒.⌒o)


I would Like to think that every thing is being for a Reason

Every step we make

Every breath we take

the moments when we fall and thought that it’s the end.

it’s all happen for a Reason, to make us prepare for something better.

there is no night without sunrise after it.

and there is no fall without standing from it.

there nothing called impossible, cause we can do more than we think that we can or we already did.

if you believe that you can achieve more, then you will.

and if you give up. every thing will close in front of you.

it’s you who make that choice.

God will lend you the bower to walk again when you believe it from all you heart.

never think that’s it all alone, there is always someone watching over you.

so never stop moving cause there is always a light in the end of the Tunnel.


when people push you too far and then ask you to come back, they don’t know that they ask the impossible.

when they start to no more see you, you start to slowly disappear.

When they start not caring about what you say, you’ll be guilty in there eyes with every thing.

to hold back your pain, you start to throw out all your feeling, to the point that you become halo from inside.

like an empty shell,  with no feeling, no more motive to move on.

how can you see the white things, if every thing is black.

even the light is hard to spot if it’s black night.

i don’t care what people say any more, cause no one care about what am saying from long time.

it’s hard enough, and i can’t take it any more.

so, don’t tell me how wrong my thinking is, cause no one see what i feel, every one guess it out.

today, next week or even year later no one will understand if they can’t see the truth with there eyes.

they will keep thinking bad of some people just cause they hate them, no mater how hard those people doing good.

no one know anyone for sure, they can’t read there heart or mind, so how can they judge them.

don’t they feel bad if they have been put in the same place and been judged.

am tired of all this, tired of all the world around me.

if it’s not god beside me i may been crashed and no one care.


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