‘Steam Memory’ …

it’s like steam, the memories we made, disappeare with the first blowing wind.

the days that pass us by, like a melody, a farwell it send.

like the night that break the sun light, everything we know just melt.

nothing we can get back, what gone can’t be rebuild.

only the feels inside still keep this heart pound.

didn’t want to say goodby, the voice come out with no sound.

the tears kept dropping on my hand, and my breath feels like it Burned.

can’t tell how much it hurt inside, only fake my smile to hide.

it was dream when it start and like a nightmare it end.


♡〜 Einsamer Hirte 〜♡

it can never get old~ ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

since i was small the first time i heard this was from one of my dad’s Kasets … i just fell in love with it  (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Gheorghe Zamfir is one of my favorite artist till now (‘▽^人)

Enjoy his melody “Einsamer Hirte”

past in the memory..

do I miss them。
your voice, your smile, your gentle appearance, your playful and your childishness.
do I miss them。
the time we spend, the stories we tell, how my heart beat fast, our arguments.
i still remember them。
the first day , the good time we been through, when everything claps.
I can’t  forget。
how much you try to make me smile, to wipe away my sadness
whenever you there i can’t stop smiling, even with nothing you can get me happiness
and when you left, this hole inside of me become so deep full with darkness
I don’t regret。
knowing you, being with you, the memory i have i’ll Treasure it forever
cause the meaning of loving someone even for a little is that pure happiness that you feel,
the honest feeling, the pain of leaving
all come in one package
do I miss you。
every day … no? every second of the day
even tho i know it never meant to last and i decided to take the chance
i prepared to have the pain and yet it mad me cry
and i still miss you
this image of love forever i’ll have past in my memory like scraps of story book at last reach it last chapter.
on it last page i write ..



“for everything you gave me
thank you”


There is a moment that you wish that you can freeze them.

that you have a camera at that moment to snap it then put it when you can see it forever.

There is a moment you wish that you never remember it.

that you can tear it like a million piece of paper and throw it to the wind.

there is a moment that you wish to repeat more and more and more.

and there is a moment that you hoped that it didn’t happen.

a moment when you fell ashamed of something you did.

or felt angry with someone and regret it.

a laugh moment.

a cry moment.

a serious moment.

all those moment become a part of us, a memories.

you live with them, never be able to go back to where they started.

they become a past.

they taught us a valuable lessons.

when you remember them you may smile when a hard time comes.

or think well before you do another mistake.

Give us comfort in the darkest of times.

never look down on them, cause they may past but they will never leave.

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