‘Steam Memory’ …

it’s like steam, the memories we made, disappeare with the first blowing wind.

the days that pass us by, like a melody, a farwell it send.

like the night that break the sun light, everything we know just melt.

nothing we can get back, what gone can’t be rebuild.

only the feels inside still keep this heart pound.

didn’t want to say goodby, the voice come out with no sound.

the tears kept dropping on my hand, and my breath feels like it Burned.

can’t tell how much it hurt inside, only fake my smile to hide.

it was dream when it start and like a nightmare it end.


al alone

I was here tonight .. all alone

my tears flood aside .. running

my throat was on fire, burning

tries my best just to holding

my skies was trying .. to cheer me on

can’t make my eyes stop dripping

i tried to hide my cries, it keep slipping


my world just closed

tonight i miss you all

i miss your laughing sound

i miss you smiling face

also i miss your fight

i want them once again

my wishes have be raised

but it all fell in

tonight i have to wish again

till your hand become next to mine


for you..

just .. every thing i do

my heart only beat for you

i know .. that it’s true

cause that how i feel inside


my mind keep tell me YO!

all your dreams just come true

so, could you please tell me how?!

you will then tell him bye


how could i let you go

my life start with you

I only … if i know!

I wouldn’t have come this far


it’s hurting me inside

my heart, my eyes, my mind

they all come to fight

standing up for you


Waiting for the rain

under the rain
i close my eyes
hiding a tear that want to rise
making my life fall apart
i wished to cry alone
i want to let the pain left my heart
i prayed that the rain will take away the tear
that it will mix it with the drops that start
i wished that no one will know
how much i have been weak, how much i want to let that out
i wanted to cry loud, i want to my voice to leave my throat
i want to share my sadness with the sky, to just stand beside me
my tears keept falling, the rain soon will stop
and then my face will be smiling
to see the light again
till the rain drops once more, inside of me i’ll keep the pain
wating for the rain

The souls of innocent

Innocent souls have been taken away.
by the hands of unjust without delay.
with black grin had No mercy on their early years.

no even their sadly smile nor their pained crying of fears.
Took it firmly in the hands of mass mercenaries.

their Dreams vanish, their life had been disappear.
Did not even let them test life nor give them choice to cheer.
Kept in the dark of night never again seen the sun light .

turned off like they never been here.



stop .. act

I can’t think

I can’t write no more

my thoughts has turn into blank

the sound i used to hear of night become the sound of blooded filthy act

nothing become white

even the color lost there shine and turn black

the life stand and shout no more

but the greed of the humans never understand

they only bounce for money and Power post

and people become cheaper than the Falling branch

and the souls has made their distance when they fall

their tear only Sinking the land of dark

my heart have no longer felt the life song

my mind had now become dried

my voice lost his enjoying tune

the happiness wont again rise

sometime i looks like am gana lose

but my faith still holding me tied

cause if it not you God! watch us close

no one else will care around.


Hissing of the night

tall shadows hides under the night cloak
whispering with sounds like the passing fogs
words they say no one ever knew
the looks in there eyes make your heart blow
secrets are passing between those shadow’s thought
what are they saying in this night’s quiet
tall shadows fearful shape of shade
making this darkness like a stories of warlocks tale
when they feel the coat of the murk fade
they disappear like they had never stayed

tall shadows hissing of the dark night

Grow me a wings

Grow me a wings

so i can travel the world

see things that i could never would

grow me a wings

so i can race the birds

div in the cloud shake the winds

grow me a wings

so i can go to places

visit my beloved ones with no wavers

grow me a wings

i won’t fear to fall,

i’ll flew too high away from the core

grow me a wings

cause i want to feel free

i want to be me not the one they want to see

grow me a wings

even if not real

grow me a wings

even if just in my dream

i just want to fly




Lighting up my night

Standing there, looking to no where

sinking into my thoughts

everyone around me doing their works

the night was close, and i was waiting for my moon

suddenly the darkness become tight.

nothing you can see from afar

there is not a single light

the dark sky was without stars

where are you my moon

you haven’t come tonight

i’ll keep waiting for you, wishing that i’ll still see you.

your my dreams, hope my strength when i fight.

when i see your glow, i know i can be alright.

god make you soo beautifully, every thing about you is right

my moon where are you tonight.

my eyes searching for you yearning

my heart sound like it will stop throbing

dry pain  i feel it in my thought

i want to see you

come by my side

it was like i will give up when i saw

your light was reaching the sky above

slowly cowling till it reach my eyes

i saw you now, i saw how you rise

with a red glow like you were shy

my beautiful moon i have saw you tonight.




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