Ya Allah!

another sad day in my beloved city, I pray for those innocent souls that been lost and Injured today Due the Mortar shell that had fell behind my house, and many other places. this country shed a lot tears and suffer a lot of pain.
Ya Allah!
we only asking your help, my life, my family, my country all in your hand, help us!! and protect those who need you the most.



souls of happiness

they are putting on their new clothes

they are decorating around their homes

they are smiling and running to get some gifts

candy chocolate cake and caramels

they are gathering around there elders

knowing that they will get more things

the souls of happiness that flying around

making this day one blessed than other days

God! protect those smiles

God! Protect their hearts

God! those innocence within us set them free

Crises of the world

How can I ignore those sounds that goes then comes again

like a thunder when it shout but there no rain

irritated the silence of our nights and darker our days

filling the world with too many crises and much more sin

Tears dripping  like rivers watered the land bay

bloods that colored the skies with red rays

even when you try to not see a thing

your ear will surely hear there hiss

the hearts that hold the happiness once

turned to hold more and more pain

my world could you hear the pray

of a life that i have witness before

soon in front my eyes will end

Prayer For you


there’s  people that life wounded them, and never lose faith in you.

there’s people their heart become so heavy, and always praying to you.

there’s people that all doors close by them, and still hoping to you.

there’s people that their loves one suffering, and they waiting relief from you.


hear their prayer and heal their wounds.

hear their prayer and rest their hearts.

hear their prayers and give them new starts.

hear their prayers and never break them a parts.


you know better than I do.

you see more than I know.


hear my prayers for you.

For you Mama

It’s maybe word that i will say, but believe me ma’ it’s all in me.

how much i love the smile on you face, how much i miss all those days.

i miss your smell, i miss your warm, i miss every thing include you.

Mamy … I LOVE YOU.

Love you soo much mama, really miss you.

i pray to god to protect you and heal your sickness and give you health

And that my day come before yours, cause i can never imagine life where your not there.


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