past in the memory..

do I miss them。
your voice, your smile, your gentle appearance, your playful and your childishness.
do I miss them。
the time we spend, the stories we tell, how my heart beat fast, our arguments.
i still remember them。
the first day , the good time we been through, when everything claps.
I can’t  forget。
how much you try to make me smile, to wipe away my sadness
whenever you there i can’t stop smiling, even with nothing you can get me happiness
and when you left, this hole inside of me become so deep full with darkness
I don’t regret。
knowing you, being with you, the memory i have i’ll Treasure it forever
cause the meaning of loving someone even for a little is that pure happiness that you feel,
the honest feeling, the pain of leaving
all come in one package
do I miss you。
every day … no? every second of the day
even tho i know it never meant to last and i decided to take the chance
i prepared to have the pain and yet it mad me cry
and i still miss you
this image of love forever i’ll have past in my memory like scraps of story book at last reach it last chapter.
on it last page i write ..



“for everything you gave me
thank you”

Waiting for the rain

under the rain
i close my eyes
hiding a tear that want to rise
making my life fall apart
i wished to cry alone
i want to let the pain left my heart
i prayed that the rain will take away the tear
that it will mix it with the drops that start
i wished that no one will know
how much i have been weak, how much i want to let that out
i wanted to cry loud, i want to my voice to leave my throat
i want to share my sadness with the sky, to just stand beside me
my tears keept falling, the rain soon will stop
and then my face will be smiling
to see the light again
till the rain drops once more, inside of me i’ll keep the pain
wating for the rain

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