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when people push you too far and then ask you to come back, they don’t know that they ask the impossible.

when they start to no more see you, you start to slowly disappear.

When they start not caring about what you say, you’ll be guilty in there eyes with every thing.

to hold back your pain, you start to throw out all your feeling, to the point that you become halo from inside.

like an empty shell,  with no feeling, no more motive to move on.

how can you see the white things, if every thing is black.

even the light is hard to spot if it’s black night.

i don’t care what people say any more, cause no one care about what am saying from long time.

it’s hard enough, and i can’t take it any more.

so, don’t tell me how wrong my thinking is, cause no one see what i feel, every one guess it out.

today, next week or even year later no one will understand if they can’t see the truth with there eyes.

they will keep thinking bad of some people just cause they hate them, no mater how hard those people doing good.

no one know anyone for sure, they can’t read there heart or mind, so how can they judge them.

don’t they feel bad if they have been put in the same place and been judged.

am tired of all this, tired of all the world around me.

if it’s not god beside me i may been crashed and no one care.


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