good?! .. no more .. no less ..

it’s good day, with all the troubles around still can say it is good
i guess my Standard of good and bad have change a bit since i have to live with all this trouble around me and get used to it
at least am still breathing right ??
well that consider good
i hope all this end fast, the problem is whenever those on top fight for their positions the one at bottom had to suffer
it’s a one person fight and the rest only a chess pieces can be sacrifice anytime
this world start to fell fast to the heal
i feel like with all the hopes we live for, we only fighting for one thing ” living”
no dreams no hopes only people fighting for their foods, homes, to stay alive.
everything else just flyers blowing away with the winds.
honestly whenever someone want to take the charge he gave soooo much promises to Drew the attention and get
as much as he can approval, then when he reach his goal all those promises get lose like the air from the balloon no more no less
will good for you
i don’t give a damn about them anymore cause i don’t trust anyone now, all of them are just bunch of Liars
climbing thire thrones on bloody corps
so ya … we still ok if we still alive.

sound of despair

the world start to fall apart
the olde dies same as the child
the people eyes become soo cold
no love no care just hate and cruel
the meaning of the life has gone by the wind
the wisper of the night full with sins
it’s start to pain to walk the way
it’s dark, cold, can’t see it’s end
every time i try to climp it hills
i slip away .. no hand to help
you say life has both side
the love and hate one of it part
but all i see is that the hearts change
soo fast they flip and the hate wins
just open your eyes and look around
people dies and every one knows
no one care, they shake there heads
what can we do … they only said
i don’t know how you watch them dies
you eyes don’t hurt? your heart don’t cry?
this life start to become like hell
the money the fame the place win
and people become just like a toy
moving around, till it’s thier fin
God please please make it End

This Worldly Life

This Worldly Life (Dunya)

| Maher Zain
| Official Lyric video


Life’s flavor

I want to try things i never know

play a games with absolutely no Rules

i want to share the beauty of the unseen  things

in every sadness there is happiness buried within

the sun that shine and gives the world this warm

the wind that blow, the rain that just fall

for every small thing that give this life a glow

child laugh, tears, bird sing, silence and the spark of love

I want to experience them

i want to know them all

there things that more important than names fame or money flow

there is really small things that gives better taste to the live we know

those life’s flavor i want to know them more and more




Let the world around you talk

Let the stories that it hold be told

Let the show start


it all goes beyound

old tales only the land know

about people lived and died alone


it had herded us enough i thought

and now it her turn to speak loud

so, Silence….

Listen with all your sense would

carefully to what it want us to know

Silence…. a little it wont hurt….

Mornning to all…

Good morning to the pure land

with the souls that it hold

Good morning my blue sky

to the wind that flu by

Good morning to the wide sea

to all it beauty and mystery

Good morning my pained world

to every tear it has dropped

Good morning my family, my friends

to all people i still didn’t meet


to all the universe spirits

I wish you a Good Morning

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・


I tried to talk

I tried to sing

my voice was cold

my heart get ill

my wings they broke

forbidden my flying

they cut out my oak

that i used to live in

the freedom i look

was beyond an iron pen

i remember how i used to fly

cross the sky through the wind

those only become now

dreams my heart kept them in

my world i love so wide

can only see it from an inch thin

slowly my soul to the sky will rise

that only will be my freedom then


Change ??

today the weather have soften a little. 

we can feel a nice cool wind blowing from time to time, even tho the sun still have it full stand above us.

well it’s fine now since it will be cold soon right?

that remind me…

these days whenever am out at my balcony i can see how people act, all by them self.

it’s looks like there is a lot have change in their heart mind and soul

they become more rugged than before, they don’t care much about anyone else.

their heart become harden and harden.

maybe because all what happening now i can understand that, but in the right thoughts isn’t that should make them more softer more caring.

strange how people act, when it’s comes to them they snout and say bad things about other any seeing them self as top ideal.

but if it turn around they act like it’s not there problem why should they do anything to any one?

when they live in peace and with no one should look at them, but when life make them fall they start to Judge how don’t help them.

people are really unfair.

they say:-

“change what in yourself before changing the world”

true, cause that what actually will make us better.

see your false before looking at other people mistake, make yourself an example to other to change.

but for real this only letters on paper, no one follow it, they make it some precious world and hung it on the walls like some masterpiece, in “NO TOUCHING” sign under it.

so, why are they here for then, if we will not follow them?.

the world is going to be worse and worse if we keep like this

greed, hate, self only, ignoring, no understanding.

some of those or all of them and even other than them are inside ever one, a little bit or alot and that’s truth.

so, why not try to start from there from your self and then look how other will do the same.

is that true? or that only another letters on paper.

I wonder!!

The souls of innocent

Innocent souls have been taken away.
by the hands of unjust without delay.
with black grin had No mercy on their early years.

no even their sadly smile nor their pained crying of fears.
Took it firmly in the hands of mass mercenaries.

their Dreams vanish, their life had been disappear.
Did not even let them test life nor give them choice to cheer.
Kept in the dark of night never again seen the sun light .

turned off like they never been here.



stop .. act

I can’t think

I can’t write no more

my thoughts has turn into blank

the sound i used to hear of night become the sound of blooded filthy act

nothing become white

even the color lost there shine and turn black

the life stand and shout no more

but the greed of the humans never understand

they only bounce for money and Power post

and people become cheaper than the Falling branch

and the souls has made their distance when they fall

their tear only Sinking the land of dark

my heart have no longer felt the life song

my mind had now become dried

my voice lost his enjoying tune

the happiness wont again rise

sometime i looks like am gana lose

but my faith still holding me tied

cause if it not you God! watch us close

no one else will care around.


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