Ⓣhe Ⓣruth Ⓐbout Ⓘslam

during my search through the net, I saw many names calling on Islam,
names I have even ashamed to utter,
and how many articles I read that Spread lies and distort the facts.
I really wished that they only had look at the reality of Islam,
if they read the truth about it before write what they wrote.
So I want to correct these misconceptions,
I want to show the world how Islam is a peaceful religion, a religion of love and fraternity,
a religion of mercy and happiness.

for you I gather some of the best Articles, Videos and Audios of some Scientists and Authors,
it’s only simple step through the right path, I only can hold the key, but the choise to take it and open the door
is in your hands.

there no need to rush, see what I have and take ur time.
I’ll pray for u to have the right judgment.
so, if you have any questions, I’ll be here to answer you if I can.
God bless u all.



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just think of it, why we are here?, why we were created for?, what is our purpose of  living? is it just living and dying?

all those question and even more Islam can answer them for you!


so just open your mind


Know better about Islam

This some Media that will tell u what u need to go the first step on knowing about the Islam, to make sure that u know the right thing.

I hope u read it, don’t stop to think to much about it, just give it a chance.

I won’t push u to far, just step by step, even if it’s small one.

Knowing the truth, better that judging with false thought.

Address:Introduction to Islam
Short Description:An explanation of Islamic belief
Link: Download
Address:What is Islam ?
The Lecturer :Yusuf Estes
Short Description:Explains the true meaning and teachings of Islam
Link: Download
Address:The Meaning of Islam
The Lecturer :Jafar Sheikh Idrees
Short Description:The Meaning of Islam
Link: Download Or Download
Address:What you should know about Islam ?
The Lecturer :Ali at-Tamimi
Short Description:What you should know about Islam ?
Link: Download Or Download
Address:Jesus and Christianity in the Perspective of Islam
Short Description:Jesus and Christianity In the Perspective of Islam: This book guides those who misunderstood the teachings of Jesus and Christianity in the Perspective of Islam.
Link: Download
So now …
after taking the first step, if still interested about knowing the truth about this religion.
I Suggest  that u learn about what make it deffrent than other relagions.
Well ….
Islam allocated important rules of interaction between people of every person.

So, for that men have rights as well as women and children and the seller and purchase their rights as well, even people of other religions have their rights, and so for the animals :)it’s just to make it easy to deal with each other, respect and be able to understand.but now days, some ppl have taking it the wrong way, make in it show as really bad thing …so, as I say before, u should really learn the truth before jugging.

for that i’ll give few subject that u should know about this things.

try to give it a chance to hear it.

Address:Human Rights in Islam
The Lecturer :Jafar Sheikh Idrees
Link: Download Or Download
Address:Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions
Formation :AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha
Translation :Abu Salman Diya ud-Deen Eberle
Short Description:Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions: In this booklet the author address human rights in the light of perfectly balanced system of laws and principles of Islam. These rights are bases on revelations from the Divine Book of Muslims, the Glorious Qur’an and from the Sunnah, the practice of Allah’s Messenger -pbuh- the two main sources of Islamic life and jurisprudence.

Address:Women in Islam
The Lecturer :Abdurraheem Green
Short Description:Women in Islam.
Link: Download Or Download
Address:Moral Values in Islam
The Lecturer :Waleed Basyouni
Short Description:Moral Values in Islam
Link: Download Or Download
Address:Manners in Islam
The Lecturer :Waleed Basyouni
Short Description:Manners in Islam
Link: Download Or Download


I wag googling on the web today, and I stoped at interesting subject
Islam and Science
Islam has proven in many ways it relates to the full scientific side.

That in my point of view Science am already know about it

but for u, I should show u more prof so u can believe that.

and that not big problem, there many side of Science that i can show u.

but first is first …..

u’ll know what I mean when u see those media

Quran an the Bible in the Light of Science 1
A Great Debate between Dr. Zakir Naik & Dr.William Campbell

Quran an the Bible in the Light of Science 2
A Great Debate between Dr. Zakir Naik & Dr.William Campbell

well .. that for start.




I heard an i have been read alot about some Problematic for some people are talking about Marriage of Ayesha

(the prophets youngest wife)

so, i guess it will be good to explain the idea of that Marriage.

they say she was small and stuff but they forget that at that Era that was normal, they were all get married at young age that not something forbidden.

so, to whom that have Doubt about it i suggest to see this video to get more info about it.

anything you need you can ask about it here and i’ll try to explain to you.

and in the same subject the Reason why our prophet married many women see this video for answer.






I would like to show you some of the great people that chose the path of  light (Islam) and why they did that.
maybe this will make yousee the Islam in better view ( since i’m already born as muslim it was already grow in me since am small, but for the people who choose to join it after they were in another religion it can give you more reason of why islam? and how can they leave what they were believing in before? i can’t tell you that ^_^ but they can.)
so please listen to their story and try to make your heart awake with them, don’t start your judge before you hear the full story.
let both your heart and mind work together, it’s not place to put your pride in guard here, it’s your life that you need to look for.
so think wise ..


Yusuf Estes is great Preacher of Islam, he was Preacher of Christian before Islam got into his heart, just listen to him and if u want more of his Lectures i’ll put a link to it after  the video ^^

Story of Yusuf Estes – From darkness to light!


Yusuf Estes answered question about Islam!


For more of Yusuf Estes Lecture!

-> Click me ^^ <-


A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam – Dr. Jerald Dirks on TheDeenShow

(Part 1)


(Part 2)


I also recomand the Youtube Channel that i got this videos from.

^^ try have a look




 Lauren Booth: With Qurran i found my way


Ishaq Mustaqim – My Path To Islam


Daughter of a military officer shares her story of converting to Islam


I still can share more and more and more stories and all are for great people, they saw the truth, feel it and choose to go into it’s way, good bless them all.

they told you why they do that, and why they are what they chose to be now ^^

i hope the same for everyone.

God say ” you do not guide whomever you love, but Allah guides whomever He decides, and He knows best the ones” Al-Qasas[56]

so i hope God Guide you and Light up your heart to the right path as he did to those people ^_^





Today i would like to add a very useful Series talking about End of the world and beyond From a scientific perspective, The program provided by the architect, and the physical scientist, and who has a doctorate in Islamic Research: Doctor. Ali Mansour Kayali.
Dr. Kayali studied the languages ​​of the Arab tribes for a period of 8 years, in addition to the completion of 30 years of Koranic studies.

As presented by Dr. religious scientific programs on a group of Arab satellite channels, as it delivered more than 700 lecture in front of the most important Islamic religious symbols in the various countries of the Arab world.

so after this short introduction with this great doctor, I invite you to provide a little of your time to watch this interesting Series.

this Series is provided in HD quality

Note: The videos are talked in Arabic language with English Sub

Wish you a nice and useful watch (Doomsday and Beyond)


End of the World and Beyond Episode 1

Why is Qur’an The Word of God/Allah?

End of the World and Beyond Episode 2

Gog and Magog

End of the World and Beyond Episode 3

the knowledge of Allah (God Holds his Knowledge)

End of the World and Beyond Episode 4

the horrors of the Day of Judgment (The Horrors of Doomsday)

End of the World and Beyond Episode 5

Stops of Time (End Of The Time)

End of the World and Beyond Episode 6

Baath (Resurrection Day)

End of the World and Beyond Episode 7

The Distribution of records (Distribution of Books)

End of the World and Beyond Episode 8

The Judgment Between Nations

End of the World and Beyond Episode 9

The Individual Judgment(Believer or Unbeliever)



Page Index

Welcome ^_^

The First Step

Rules and humans rights in islam

Islam and Science

Marriage of Ayesha

From Dankness to light stories

End of the world and beyond From a Islamic and scientific perspective





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    Really like it , very good contents ..


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