Flowers photo (No.1)

Last time I wite about the flowes meaning


today i’ll show you what those flowers looks like




Apple Blossom



Baby’s Breath

Bachelor Button


Black-Eyed Susan


that’s for now.


some of the flowers i put comes with different color and different shape i didn’t include them all.


Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony

it’s really nice and beautiful << am really into Japanese culture.

I’ll share with you the video i was watching so u know how much it’s lovely as i see it.

First step in flower arrangement

For some few days i was thining of star learning the art of arranging flowers.

(^□^*) so, i start it by learning the meaning of each flower >> it really a lot but i like it.

I’ll share it with you cause it’s really nice to know what the flower tell you.

nice to know which one you can give as present.

without you talking it will talk for you, to express your feeling.

Hmm… this will be loooong post but, it worth it.

Alstroemeria aspiring
Amaryllis dramatic
Anemone fragile
Apple Blossom promis
Aster contentment
Azalea abundance
Baby’s Breath festivity
Bachelor Button anticipation
Begonia deep thoughts
Black-Eyed Susan encouragement
Camellia graciousness
pink gratitude
red flashy
striped refusal
white remembrance
yellow cheerful
bronze excitement
white truth
red sharing
yellow secret admirer
Cosmos peaceful
Crocus foresight
Daffodil chivalry
Delphinium boldness
Daisy innocence
Freesia spirited
Forget-Me-Not remember me forever
Gardenia joy
Geranium comfort
Ginger proud
Gladiolus strength of character
Heather solitude
Hibiscus delicate beauty
Holly domestic happiness
Hyacinth sincerity
Hydrangea perseverance
Iris inspiration
Ivy fidelity
Jasmine grace and elegance
Larkspur beautiful spirit
Lavender distrust
Lilac first love
Calla regal
Casablanca celebration
Day enthusiasm
Stargazer ambition
Lisianthus calming
Magnolia dignity
Marigold desire for riches
Nasturtium patriotism
Orange Blossom fertility
Orchid delicate beauty
Pansy loving thoughts
Passion flower passion
Peony healing
Poppy consolation
Queen Anne’s Lace delicate femininity
Ranunculus radiant
Rhododendron beware
pink friendship
red passionate love
red & white unity
white purity
yellow zealous
Snapdragon presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem hope
Stephanotis good luck
Statice success
Sunflower adoration
Sweetpea shyness
Tuberose pleasure
pink caring
purple royalty
red declaration of love
white forgiveness
yellow hopelessly in love
Violet faithfulness
Wisteria steadfast
Yarrow good health
Zinnia thoughts of friends

Thanx to

My yesterday…..

For the first time of my live i saw a Military helicopter Missiles.  Σ(゜д゜;)

That was really scary,, it was really close, just like they were targeting us.

last night was really scary, they started after 9:00pm.

they cut the electricity then they start shooting.

the shout of the guns and the bombs plus the helicopter was really too much.

i hate those days, i was praying to Allah to protect my family from any harm.

when all this will end,

the nightmare had become my nightly thing,

as much as i say please stop it won’t stop.


when i look at other people, the ones that really hurt from this more than i am.

the ones that lost they beloved ones or get bad injure.

i thank Allah really from all my heart cause i know he really watching over us, protecting us.

that gave me more reason to be stronger, and be able to take whatever it is.

 God!! (。-ノ-)ノ

I know that you put my life in the best way you see it for me, and i accept it.

my family is all what i have and it’s all what i care about, even with all the problems that we had.

please ton’t let me feel the pain of losing them, and if it would be OK, take my life instead of them.

God!! protect them please.

Dear my blog

Dear my blog ..

I know it really annoying to keep writing about the problems i had, to tell the truth, it’s my first time to do that.

but, this my only space to let go of my feeling inside or it will be like am going to shatter away.

every thing i write here is what i really want to say loudly but i lake the courage to do so.

it’s really pitiful if u see it this way.

I want to say it clearly ..

I know when am not wanted, i can see it.

I can feel it, even when u don’t say a thing i can feel it.

the way u act, the way u talk to me, it’s all show it.

no need to look at it a second time…..

I had enough, it’s hurt really bad so, it’s enough.

it wasn’t bad that time when i locked up my feelings cause it’s better that getting this much of pain.


am totally lost, don’t know what should i do.

well.. sorry my blog to put it into u.

and thanx for listening to me.

Domo-Arigato <(_ _*)>



for my empty time

I was thinking earlier, how about if i learn how to be skilled photographer.

it’s really interesting thing, i really want to try it out.

well .. that is my own thought .. since am really bad at finding jobs anyway (-_-;)

I have made a list of what i want to learn to fill my empty time.

learn extra languages, learn photograph, learn high level designing.

this well be better that getting bored.

I really hope that i can start my own project tow.

but i don’t know what it should be, have (0) idea in my head ……..


any one have some ideas

plz plz pretty plz share with me.



Fail morning

Gosh …

I have just hoped for that and I got a little argument at the home….

(-_-;) what a nice start of the day.

am really tired of all these…

am really tired, nothing good happen this days, even tho there no much talking anyway.

family or strangers, it’s become the same here, what did happen while we grow up.

how did this huge distance come between us.

it’s just that my heart start to become so heavy, I can’t stand it, sometimes i hope that it will just stop.

forgive me God!  that not a thing i should wish for, but it’s really painful.

every day, every single day i hate my life my self any thing connect to me.

am soo weak person, am really ashamed of my self.

I don’t know how to deal with it, am totally lost.

please … stop this pain.

Morning :)

today was a bit gloomy when i woke up … >> it’s just the start of the day tho.

but I feel a little weird today, bad feeling.

I hope nothing bad will happen today.


Good morning every one, wish u a nice day ^o^)/


Cross My Mind

Today i would like it to be different, i don’t know why.

but i really feel like that, i become really tired from the same things that happen every day.

same bad thing, family fight, misunderstood, being lonely.

Even the whole crisis around us.

for change, i would really wan’t something good to happen.

all gather for meal time, safe day that we can go in it for a vacation, becoming family again.

when did it start to get soo hard for us to be together, when did it become like this.

every one goes alone, we got really apart, soo close yet soo far.

it’s really painful, it really is.

I hate the fact that i can’t do any thing to change it, this is not what i hoped for.

but i guess, this what real life is, nothing perfect, nothing complete.

you can dream of what ever you want, but that not gonna make it come true.

but even tho, sometimes i really dream of make it come true no mater what.

is that silly thing to think about, i surly don’t care.

it’s my one dream, every one go after there dreams why not me.

i’ll keep trying so, even if it didn’t work, at lest i would be done what i have to do.

so, no regret after that.

am only human, so …

I ask you God to help me in my way.

in the end something should be done.

Any Thing But Our “Prophet Muhammad”



Now u really cross the red line -big time-  it’s unforgivable.


There is no greater insult than infringement of the Holy Prophet.

This is unforgivable.

This is an ignoble act of  weak,if  you are a tough as you think, then you should highlight the right not insulting others.

This is really a cowardly act and grubby.

everyone should know that the film which was published about the life of Prophet Muhammad, was only an act of  hate from a man have no acknowledge of the truth.

and it’s had nothing to do with the real thing about our Prophet Muhammad and the Islam.
so, in any case we are not going to step aside while this happen and you should know that we will keep up till we end every thing that have to do with this matter.


Now I want to ask u .. do u think that it’s right to do as he did, don’t u think he cross the line as I think.

just be fair and see it from the right side, make it go through ur heart and mind.

help us to remove all what it linked to this hateful film.

“Thanks in advance”

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