They and we

I want to rise my voice

make the world hear

that there is things are more

makes your eyes tear

they play us like a ball

throw us from there to here

they think they up and all

and every one should kneel

forget that they just small

wearing a long sand heel

so, fill you heart with joy

before life turn it wheel

you’ll now will take your chance

tomorrow us you’ll fear



Your smile ツ

Your smile make my smile appear

my pain heal

my sky clear

your smile make the world rare

the rose bloom

the life cheer

your smile make happiness more near

make my heart less fear

my life become white with no Barrier

your smile is the one most dear

keep your smile alive, cause without it

the light in my eyes will disappear

posetive thoughts…..

The sky May become darker before dawn, but this will not prevent the sun from rise.

There is always hope for everything in life, as for every beginning there is  the end.

things do not stand still without moving, everything is found in live for a reason.

The Earth will remain in the rotation, and if was to stop eventually that mean the end of the life.

Change ??

today the weather have soften a little. 

we can feel a nice cool wind blowing from time to time, even tho the sun still have it full stand above us.

well it’s fine now since it will be cold soon right?

that remind me…

these days whenever am out at my balcony i can see how people act, all by them self.

it’s looks like there is a lot have change in their heart mind and soul

they become more rugged than before, they don’t care much about anyone else.

their heart become harden and harden.

maybe because all what happening now i can understand that, but in the right thoughts isn’t that should make them more softer more caring.

strange how people act, when it’s comes to them they snout and say bad things about other any seeing them self as top ideal.

but if it turn around they act like it’s not there problem why should they do anything to any one?

when they live in peace and with no one should look at them, but when life make them fall they start to Judge how don’t help them.

people are really unfair.

they say:-

“change what in yourself before changing the world”

true, cause that what actually will make us better.

see your false before looking at other people mistake, make yourself an example to other to change.

but for real this only letters on paper, no one follow it, they make it some precious world and hung it on the walls like some masterpiece, in “NO TOUCHING” sign under it.

so, why are they here for then, if we will not follow them?.

the world is going to be worse and worse if we keep like this

greed, hate, self only, ignoring, no understanding.

some of those or all of them and even other than them are inside ever one, a little bit or alot and that’s truth.

so, why not try to start from there from your self and then look how other will do the same.

is that true? or that only another letters on paper.

I wonder!!

The souls of innocent

Innocent souls have been taken away.
by the hands of unjust without delay.
with black grin had No mercy on their early years.

no even their sadly smile nor their pained crying of fears.
Took it firmly in the hands of mass mercenaries.

their Dreams vanish, their life had been disappear.
Did not even let them test life nor give them choice to cheer.
Kept in the dark of night never again seen the sun light .

turned off like they never been here.



stop .. act

I can’t think

I can’t write no more

my thoughts has turn into blank

the sound i used to hear of night become the sound of blooded filthy act

nothing become white

even the color lost there shine and turn black

the life stand and shout no more

but the greed of the humans never understand

they only bounce for money and Power post

and people become cheaper than the Falling branch

and the souls has made their distance when they fall

their tear only Sinking the land of dark

my heart have no longer felt the life song

my mind had now become dried

my voice lost his enjoying tune

the happiness wont again rise

sometime i looks like am gana lose

but my faith still holding me tied

cause if it not you God! watch us close

no one else will care around.


Hissing of the night

tall shadows hides under the night cloak
whispering with sounds like the passing fogs
words they say no one ever knew
the looks in there eyes make your heart blow
secrets are passing between those shadow’s thought
what are they saying in this night’s quiet
tall shadows fearful shape of shade
making this darkness like a stories of warlocks tale
when they feel the coat of the murk fade
they disappear like they had never stayed

tall shadows hissing of the dark night

Glance of inspire


i don’t know what i should talk about it but,

inspiration blogger … whenever i flew between those blogs around the web i fell soo inspire like it’s a strike of magic.

every one has a unique way to write different ideas in mind.

so colored subject like a rainbow art, every thing make you so inspire gives you so much ideas.

your all my friend are like the light that shines around and i’ll be happy to know more about you all.

thanx belsbror for nominating me to this award am really grateful for you, you are one inspiring blogger and every one should visit you site to know what i mean.

my nominate blogger ;-

the very best top10




the third eye world



Writings of a Mrs


Project Light to Life

Even tho i have nominated few blogger but i would like to share this award with all of my fellow blogger

so hope you all accept this award.

inspire the world (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Test your hearing …. ^(>~<)^

How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

1* Change video to HD 1080p
2* Use Headphones

NOTE: The 19,000 Hz frequency has been lost due to YouTube compressing the file.


Dreams and the impossible

Dream, something we wish, we hope, crave to.
Always strive to get it.
But we sometimes do not get it whatever we do, because some dreams are just a reflection of the aspirations of the Impossible.
The impossible is something that cant be achieved.
so, what will happen if you just want to achieve your dreams.
Trying so hard to obtain.
You find yourself is always back step.
Your attempts to disappear without results.
finding yourself in the end of the reality, in a cycle of collapses and of sadness due all those fails.
And finally you surrender your self to this fact, but this is after you fatigue, and the world became black as the darkest night.
then When??

when we know that this dream is achievable and that’s not.
What is the standard between them and how can we know our potential to achieve it.
what the deference between us and those who has been successful in life, what are the steps that they did and how they lived their lives.

I think the difference is the word (impossible) ….
They did not recognize it existence, but Continued there ways with confidence and stood on their feet after every fall.
Did not let the frustration obtain them, and threw it all behind their backs.
they Never look back ever, because they know that their goal was before their eyes radiating as the sun.
It’s willpower which that moves them, not all humans have this power.
and I admitted that also I have leak for this power but i really wish to have it.

so, do you think our wished to get the dreams we want’s will make this power raise inside our souls



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